PR Co. Shoe Fitting

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The shoe fitting process:

We are all unique runners and walkers and have a variety of specific goals and needs. With that in mind, when you visit PR Co., we want to ensure that you receive the personalized attention that you deserve. We begin the shoe fitting process with a one-on-one consultation; a chance for us to learn about your current training along with long term goals and to address recent or persistent injuries and any issues with your feet (for example, blisters, neuromas, bunions, etc). We also work with many specialists and can fulfill their suggestions as far as accommodating orthotics and any other recommendations. All of this information is important and gives us a starting point to begin properly fitting you to the perfect shoe.

Prior to lacing up a pair of shoes, we will examine your arches and have you walk briefly without shoes on. This will give us an idea of your natural biomechanics and offers guidance for what type of shoe to begin with.

The shoe selection at PR Co. is classified by the various degrees of stability provided. This includes shoes in the neutral category (little or no stability), guidance category (mild stability), structured category (mild to moderate stability) and motion control (high stability). The fitting process continues with several short runs on the treadmill while we conduct a video gait analysis of every individuals running form…helping us correctly match the amount of stability a shoe provides with the amount of stability an individual needs. We review the video results together, showing all of the subtle and individual components of the runners gait and narrowing down the shoe choices with the help of the VGA results.

With the information provided from all of the above, we can offer multiple different pairs of shoes that give you the best options to run out of PR Co. with. Even within the same categories of shoes, the choices between brands and models will all give you different sensory feedback. This is where the individual finds the perfect fit (length, volume, and toe box comfort), feel (weight, more or less cushioning, and ride), and performance (responsiveness and transition from heel to toe). Brief test runs right outside the store are also a great way (and encouraged) to get an idea of how the shoe will perform for you. All of this information is important; completing the fitting process, finding the perfect shoe for you, and helping you on your way to your goals.